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Who's in Your Corner? a friend sharpens a friend.

sharp·en (verb)

1. improve or cause to improve

2. make or become sharp

When a knife is sharpened, it is being conditioned to fulfill its ultimate purpose. The process of sharpening doesn’t seem pleasant, but it is necessary for the knife to be better than it was when it was before. • The Word of God tells us that a friend sharpens a friend. In other words, a friend is to cause their friend to improve in some way; to hold them accountable. • Your friendships should not tickle your emotions & make you feel good about yourself all the time. Instead, they should challenge you to be better in every area & encourage you to walk in God’s purpose for your life. Even if that means telling you what you don’t want to hear. • So, who are your friends? Are you being sharpened & are you sharpening him/her as well? It’s so important to evaluate & pray for your friendships.

True accountability is vital.

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