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Transformation in Obedience.

Updated: May 28, 2019

"Ugh, Eve! Why did you have to eat the fruit?!"

That was me. Just last week complaining because I was directly affected by someone's disobedience thousands of years ago. I was affected by something that happened thousands of years ago...

That's when I received a tap from Holy Spirit.

"When I tell you to do something, I just don't have you in mind, but others as well."


Even though I knew this, it still hit me like a ton of bricks! I instantly starting thinking of things that I knew God was telling me to do and began to pray for forgiveness.

We live in a self-centered world where no one likes authority. We like to do what we want when we want, period. As Christians, we have this constant fight with the flesh and spirit. Flesh wants to "do what's best for me", and spirit wants to "do what it takes to further the kingdom of God". And we all know that obedience to God is how we will overcome the flesh. The enemy knows this as well! That's why he will throw every little distraction to get us to satisfy the flesh and disobey what God says. He knows that your obedience will not just the change you, but it will greatly impact others as well!

Just think of Ananias and Saul aka Paul. In Acts 9, when Holy Spirit told Ananias to go and lay hands on Saul to restore his vision, Ananias was afraid. He basically told God, why do you want me to go help a man that is killing people for believing in you. Like I'm not trying to get killed God lol. But God told him to go, and he went. Because of Ananias' obedience, Saul was baptized and many came to the faith because of his witness.

Ananias tried to tell God what he knew, but was quickly reminded that God knows all things and He sees what we don't see. He doesn't give purpose-less instructions. There's purpose behind every instruction, every command! The completion of Saul's transformation was in Ananias' obedience. It was in his "go".

So, I'm challenging us to listen to God and to go. Go and execute what He's telling you. Stop hesitating and go! Yes, you may be afraid because you've already assumed what was on the other side, but know Who is calling you to it. We must obey God because lives depend on it. Our lives, people who surround us, and people that we don't even know!

Obedience isn't always easy, but it's worth it.

God is worth it.

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