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Room for You

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Whenever someone would ask this little girl what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would say a singer like Yolanda Adams. As a young child I was determined to be just that and you couldn't tell me anything different! I would play CD's in my room, use my deodorant bottle as a microphone, and pretend that I was singing in front of a large crowd. I would write songs and plan to have a band to sing all over town. Your girl had big dreams!

But they quickly died.

 As I got older, people would tell me "oh you won't be able to do that", or "every person is doing that". My hopes were shot down by the words of people that were not doing a thing. It's so easy to be a critic when you're not on the field playing the game, but anywho. So, I began to settle for less, but always felt uneasy about it. I wrestled between different career paths. Oh, I'll be a Pediatrician and make money.....I'll do it because my dream isn't valid.

Well, so I thought.

The enemy had me thinking that little ole me could never touch the lives of people through singing. I began to hate my own voice. It was so high & shaky, plus I didn't sound like Beyonce, so there's no way that I could have influence. It got so bad that I would cry when I would hear a recording of myself! Pretty intense, right?

I began to starve the thing that once gave me life. 

Holy Spirit reminds me of that little girl daily. The little girl that didn't care what other people thought. The little girl that was determined. The little girl that sung no matter who liked it or not lol. He reminds me that not only did he give me a dream, but a gift. A gift to share with those around me & whomever He places in my path. A gift that is to be used to bring glory to His name & His name alone.

You may be like me. You know that God has gifted you with something special, but to make others feel comfortable, you've suppressed it. You desire to start, but so many people are already doing the same thing. Stop giving attention to the distractions! There is room for you! What God has given you is so special and only YOU can do it! Not only can you do it, but there is someone waiting for you to do what He's called you to. I don't care if it's one person; that's a life depending on you to operate in your calling. 

So, let's decide together that in 2019 we will not operate in fear. We will not operate in comparison. We will trust in the Father and be who He has called us to be. We will lead worship with boldness. We will create with purpose. We will write with intention. We will start that new venture. We will walk confidently knowing that if God has graced us with a gift, we will use it to His glory & for His purpose.

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