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Guess Who's Back...

Updated: May 23, 2018

Back again. Jamilya's back. Tell a friend *In Eminem's Voice*

Welcome to my new blog, everyone!

As some of you may know, I started a blog, Be His Girl, when I was sixteen years old. I was so eager to inspire girls my age to follow Christ and to find their worth in Him! I would write consistently, post encouraging videos & all that good stuff! That lasted until I was about 21....

When I hit 22, things really started to change. Senior year in college, uncertain of what was next. I struggled with my purity and began to be distracted by so many different things. I was doing things of God, but not for the right reasons. Many of those things were done out of habit & not out of relationship, so I went on a break from singing and writing.

“You don't execute you just hesitate.” - Lecrae

I've been feeling the tug to start writing again, and of course, I came up with every reason as to why I shouldn't.

But here I am! And this time is different.

I'm a real life adult in these streets and I still don't have it all figured out! I can't (and refuse) to do this this on my own though. I've decided to walk hand and hand with the One who created me. I've decided to trust the One who sees and and knows all. I've decided to follow Jesus, even if it is uncomfortable.

I cannot wait to share life with you! Let's laugh, cry & maybe be a little convicted together. I know that God has a purpose for this blog!

I hope you're ready!

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